Hawaii Wedding

Since he was a little boy, my eldest child has been thinking about the wedding cake I would someday make for him. As his mother's son, his interest in both weddings and baked goods was pretty much guaranteed. Sure, his ideal wedding cake design changed a lot over the years, and he was kind enough to let his bride have a say in the cake, too! But this was a cake we had both been anticipating for almost his whole life, and planning and making it with him was pretty momentous for this mother of the groom!

The wedding was a summer getaway in beautiful Hawaii, a destination accessible for both our family in the U.S. and my daughter-in-law's family in Japan. The bride and groom asked for a simple look that incorporated the Hawaii location as a theme. They specifically requested real flowers be used, and we all thought that turned out really well!

The cake topper was inspired by Japanese kokeshi dolls, which was just one of the ways Japanese cultural elements were incorporated into the wedding. I painted them to look like the actual bride and groom, dressed in their wedding clothes!

I also made hibiscus-decorated cookies, which fit the setting so well, and were used as combination place cards and wedding favors.

We all had a beautiful time at a beautiful wedding, and everyone enjoyed the cake and the cookies!